Captain George Waymouth Explores & Names the St. George River

In 1605 George Weymouth traveled up a river, later named the St. Georges River. Depending on what map you use, the spelling changed from St. Georges to St. George. The reason for this was
determined by who controlled the river at that time, France or England.

George Weymouth traveled on the Archangel because he was hired by  businessmen who were under a grant from the King of England that stated that they could explore and settle the new land. George Weymouth traveled up the river because he was traveling along a rugged coast and decided to explore the river. When George Weymouth made landfall, he was amazed to find the area, later named Thomaston, filled with big trees all with very straight trunks. To an Englishman this meant masts for ships. He also saw wild gooseberries, strawberries, peas, and rose bushes.


While exploring the land, he kidnapped five Native Americans named Manida, Skidwarres, Nahanada, Assacument, and Tisquantum. George Weymouth brought the Native Americans to England.

By Nicholas


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